Communication Training for Executives



»Do you want to move and inspire people, share your knowledge, resolve conflicts and awaken empathy in others? Are you in a position of responsibility, have to lead employees expertly and develop common strategies?

If yes, then you must be able to speak to people and, above all, with people.«

» Your benefit

Learn to inspire, motivate and persuade others.

Get your message across – be to the point.

Take on the different roles you play in your company but always remain true to yourself.

Find out how to bring about constructive solutions in conflicts.

» Our trainings: learning through practice

Spontaneous conversation – the »ambush«

Someone suddenly approaches you and
asks for information you either cannot, don’t want to and are not allowed to give spontaneously.
How do you deal with such »ambushes«?
How do you stay respectful and still maintain your command of the situation?

The statement – getting your message across

It is important in communication to not beat around the bush. But how can you get your message across concisely using simple means?
The main thing here is to be clear about your
own intention and express it effectively.

Conversations with potential for conflict

We have all had conversations with
colleagues, supervisors or external stakeholders where criticism was expressed. Learn in this training how to bring these conversations to a constructive resolution.

Lectures, speeches and presentations

A lively lecture, rousing speech, or vivid
presentation sticks in the mind and can have
great impact. We’ve all seen these as an audience member. Learn how to make people remember you and what you have to say. We achieve this by working on and developing your strengths.

» Exercises and analyses

»Practical and individual learning takes center place«

We clarify your personal needs and interests before getting started. Inhouse trainings can be tailored precisely to your needs, and are complemented by accompanying, specially designed handouts.

»All exercises are filmed, analyzed and can be taken home for further use.«

After the training, you will receive a certificate, and your video recordings will be sent confidentially. The recordings contain personal recommendations, so that you can absorb what you have learned from watching yourself on film.

I will summarize the most important aspects of your training in an individual analysis. Following the course, you can contact me at any time if you feel the need.

»Training in small groups, if required with certified specialists.«

I work with a team of experts that I put together depending on your individual needs. These range from a lawyer for dealing appropriately with the works council to media experts (also incl. English native speakers) as well as actors, and qualified camera technicians who know how to show you »in your best light«.

» Methods

As part of the training, you will work on your own »case« from your workplace environment or private life. This will allow you to apply and consolidate what you have learned in practice.

In addition to practical exercises, you will learn communication and conflict-resolution models that underpin the techniques learned, and can be adapted to meet your own specific needs.

These include:

Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne

Drama Triangle by Stephen Karman

Active Listening by Carl Rogers

Non-violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

The Four-Sides Model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun

» My training principles

Cooperation instead of confrontation

Translate your convictions into outside action

Identify and use your room to maneuver

Lead with clarity instead of severity

We believe what we see: Body language matters

» Target group

This training is aimed at board members, as well as executives, who are required to speak and answer questions on a daily basis – in either German or English. It is also ideal for young talents who want to learn how to conduct themselves in professional settings and improve their communication skills.

» What past participants say

Competence and experience with a feelgood guarantee

Bernd-Lorenz Walter is a highly experienced, empathetic and attentive trainer! He has excellent observation skills and gets across the important points of any training course clearly and in a way that is sensitive to the individual learner. You never feel like you have a “teacher” before you, but always a coach and trainer! I’m already looking forward to the next training/seminar with him!


Andreas Riem
Managing Director, Gesellschaft Metallindustrie und -verarbeitung

Super training!

Top training with lots of practical exercises and valuable tips! The day was absolutely worth it. I’ll definitely be back.


Volker Edelhoff
Director Products Software

Top trainer, top team

I’ve already attended 2 trainings …
and will be happy to come again!
Very good methods that demand something of you, but also give you a great deal to take away.


Bernd Heitzmann
Technical Director, Industrial Engineering

» B. L. Walter

When an experienced communications trainer asked me 15 years ago if I had ever considered working as a trainer myself, I was hesitant at first.

But I soon realized that it was exactly my thing.

Identifying talents in others, supporting them in reaching their goals at work, and encouraging them to dare something new are always exciting challenges for me and a source of joy at shared successes.

I began by giving classic media trainings but have now expanded my portfolio to include conflict and crisis training. I also support and accompany change processes in multinational companies and business associations.

As a coach and trainer, I work exclusively with executives, many of whom have remained loyal clients over the years.

My trainings are founded on tried and tested principles from the areas of psychology and communications science. However, in my experience, good training requires a lot more than just techniques and instruments. It is vital that the training is adapted to fit your situation and achieve your specific goals.

That is why my training sessions are as individual as the people who take part in them. And good fun is a vital ingredient that is never missing. Training success relies on us building a trustful working relationship, and on your willingness to reinvent yourself.

Please find further references and more information about my activities as a consultant on my website at:

» Contact

Let’s talk with one another.

I’m happy to put together an individual training program for you, or you can come along to one of our trainings and check it out.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.

    Please arrange a telephone appointment with mePlease send us the dates for the next open training course